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Fantastic place, Very relaxing.
Great Food, Great bed, Great company - thank you for your hospitality.
Thank you for coming to our rescue in such a hospitable and friendly way.

Matt Bailey, Krys Milburn, Emma Watkins
Christchurch, NZ - February 17, 2002
Lovely spot - totally relaxing, thanks for your hospitality.
Avon & Ted Grace
Auckland, NZ - January 26, 2002
Down for Bob & Francesca's wedding day, What a wonderful home - Gay thank you for your hospitality. Must come back & stay longer
Glenda & John Bixley
Eltham, NZ - January 26, 2002
Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful farm. We have all had a wonderfully relaxing time and are very sad to leave
Helen, Jon, Sophie & Matthew Scott. 'Tamesis' Bolney RD, Lower Shiplake, Henley, Oxon, England
UK - February 21, 2001
Thank you for the wonderful stay. We love the medieval look in the rooms. We also love the animals, especially the ducks. It reminds us of home.
Amy, Mike, Chris & Keith Price <mprice1@flash.net>
Walnut Creek, USA - March 10, 2001

A Wonderful spot - we'll look forward to coming back !
Eva Berringer & Ford Sivan <evaberringer@hotmail.com>
Wellington, NZ - March 31, 2001
Thank you Gay. A lovely home, beautiful surroundings. A really relaxing weekend. Thanks for the weekend with a difference, a very interesting experience with the animal life, and a very delightful weekend in a beautiful home
Joan & Bill Chipp
Wellington, NZ - November 5, 2000
Thanks for your kindness !!. We had a lot of fun during our stay here and a good farm experience. Thank you !!
Jacky (Kisae), Ann (Akane), Ayumi, Saya, Kana. Kanto High School
Toyko, Japan - May 11 2000
Fantastic house - love it. Wonderful visit - Thanks
Thanks for all, a lovely spot and delightful company
Emily, Dudley & Jenny Harrison
Auckland; NZ - April 21, 2000
Fab spot - love it!
Chrissy Hill
Wellington, NZ - April 16, 2000
Thanks Gay - such grace + elegance - We will be back!!
Debbie, Don Stantiall
NZ - April 16, 2000
Memorable visit including Gay's birthday, met 2 of her friends. We bombarded everyone with our questions which were all answered !!. Gathered much information on NZ. Hope to return.
Endorse everything my mother has said. Have been able to capture a real flavour of NZ here. Such a generous and hospitable and friendly hostess.

Clare Slitlaw, Candy & Johnny Shelley
Midlands, UK - April 9, 2000
Great place for a run, will be back with more troops
Ron Moon
NZ - March 25, 2000
Great breakfast, great company, great day - Perfect !!
Paul Oliver
NZ - March 23, 2000
I love your property, keep up the good work. Something I always wanted to do, most enjoyable. Will come again
Chris and Tom Halpin
NZ - March 3, 2000

A most enjoyable stay - thank you !
Fran Mears & Tony Wire
Hastings, NZ - February 2, 2000
Thank you for a wonderful weekend with fishing and shooting
Dieter &. Monika Kirsch
Wadenswil, Switzerland - January 30, 2000

A wonderful experience - how about a house swap!
Betty & Dave Dudman.
Birmingham, UK - December 11, 1999

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